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Thank you for visiting our Resource sections.  We are dedicated to Civic Education. We choose books and information sources on a selective basis. Our bibliography is expanded regularly so please check back to see the new additions. Our goal is to provide useful and relevant suggestions for students and for the general reader. We believe historical context aids critical thinking about significant contemporary issues and policies and also supports engaged and active citizenship.

Editor's Note: In the Resource bibliographies, you will find books in current publication as well as older books which are out of print.  Many older books which are out of copyright are today available online.  In such cases, we have included hyperlinks to the online versions. 

For a quick overview, we suggest four books:

Kenneth P. Vogel, Big Money (New York: Public Affairs, 2014). Plutocracy and US politics.

Ellen Brown, The Web Of Debt (Baton Rouge: Third Millennium, 2012). The Money Power.

Jacob Heilbrunn, They Knew They Were Right.The Rise of the Neocons (New York: Doubleday, 2008). Best book on Neocons.

Stefan Halper and Jonathan Clarke, America Alone the Neoconservatives and the Global Order (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2004). Globalism and US foreign policy.


For basic monitoring of US politics, we suggest three websites:


Center for Responsive Politics

Rasmussen polling data


Oligarchy and Plutocracy in Modern United States Politics

Kenneth P. Vogel, Big Money (New York: Public Affairs, 2014)
Jane Mayer, Dark Money (New York: Doubleday, 2016)
David Horowitz, The Shadow Party...Soros (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2010)

G. William Domhoff, Who Rules America The Triumph of the Corporate Rich, 7th ed. (New York: McGraw Hill, 2014)

Sam Francis, Shots Fired Sam Francis on America's Culture War. Foreword by Pat Buchanan (Vienna VA: FGF Books, 2006)



C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite (New York: Oxford UP, 2000)
Leonard Silk and Mark Silk, The American Establishment (New York: Basic Books, 1980)

George Wolfskill, The Revolt of the Conservatives A History of the American Liberty League 1934-1940 (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1962)

Frederick Lewis Allen, The Lords of Creation (New York: Harpers, 1935)


Follow the Players

Who Rules America? Website


The Hill


Follow the Money

Center for Responsive Politics

Center for Public Integrity

Campaign Finance Institute

Federal Election Commission


Follow The Polls

Quinnipiac University


Pew Research

University of Maryland Critical Issues



President and Congress

Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr, The Imperial Presidency (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1973)

Jennings C. Wise, Woodrow Wilson Disciple of Revolution (New York: Paisely Press, 1938)


Pundits and Blogs Critique

Pat Buchanan

Eric Margolis

Ann Coulter

Paul Craig Roberts

Ray McGovern

Ron Paul

Phil Giraldi

Philip Weiss

Jim Lobe


Corrosion of the American Polity


Sister M. Margaret Patricia McCarran, Fabianism in the Political Life of Britain, 1919-31 (Chicago: Heritage Foundation, 1954)

Rose L. Martin, Fabian Freeway (Boston: Western Islands, 1966)

Fabian Society

Harvard University

Monitor British Fabians

The Fabian Society UK


Frankfurt School

Ralph de Toledano, Cry Havoc! (Anthem Books, 2006)

Frankfurt School/wiki

Theodore W. Adorno

Walter Benjamin

Herbert Marcuse

Max Horkheimer


Political Zionism

James Parkes, The Emergence of the Jewish Problem 1878-1939 (London: Oxford, 1946)

Richard J. H. Gottheil,  Zionism (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1914)

Melvin L. Urofsky, American Zionism from Herzl to the Holocaust (New York: Doubleday, 1975)

Walter Laqueur, A History of Zionism (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1972) 

Stuart E. Knee, The Concept of Zionist Dissent in the American Mind 1917-1941 (New York: Speller, 1979)

Geoffrey Wheatcroft, The Controversy of Zion (Reading, MA: Addison Wesley, 1997)

Douglas Reid, The Controversy of Zion (Bullsbrook AU: nd)

Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky, Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel (London: Pluto Press, 2004)

Amnon Rubenstein, The Zionist Dream Revisited from Herzl to Gush Emunim and back (New York: Shocken, 1984)

J. J. Goldberg, Jewish Power Inside the American Jewish Establishment (Reading MA: Addison-Wesley, 1996)

Grant F. Smith, Foreign Agents The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Washington DC: IR, 2007)

Yona Malachy, American Fundamentalism and Israel The Relations of Fundamentalist Churches to Zionism and the State of Israel (Jerusalem: Hebrew University, Institute of Contemporary Jewry 1978)

Grace Halsell, Journey to Jerusalem (New YorkL Macmillan, 1981)

Grace Halsell, Prophecy and Politics Militant Evangelists on the Road to Nuclear War (Westport CT: Hill, 1986)

Stephen Sizer, Christian Zionism Road-map to Armageddon? (Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press, 2004)

Victoria Clark, Allies for Armageddon The Rise of Christian Zionism (New Haven: Yale, 2007)

Monitor pro-Israel Lobby

American Jewish Committee

American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations

Citizens United For Israel

Washington Institute for Near East Policy 

Embassy of Israel, Washington DC

B'nai B'rith

Monitor Anti-Semitism

Anti Defamation League


Neoconservatives/Revisionist Zionism

Jacob Heilbrunn, They Knew They Were Right.The Rise of the Neocons (New York: Doubleday, 2008)

Shadia Drury, Leo Strauss and the American Right (New York: St. Martins, 1999)

Shadia Drury, Alexandre Kojeve and the Roots of Postmodern Politics (New York: St. Martins, 1994)

Dominique Auffret,  Alexandre Kojeve: La Philosophie, l'etat, et le fin de l'histoire (Paris: Grasset, 1990)

Christoph Frei, Hans J. Morgenthau An Intellectual Biography (Baton Rouge: Louisian State UP, 2001)

Jabotinsky-Revisionist Zionism


Monitor the Neocons

Commentary Magazine

Weekly Standard

American Enterprise Institute

Monitor the British Neocons

Henry Jackson Society


Political Islam

Stephen Coughlin, Catastrophic Failure Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad (Washington DC: Center for Security Policy, 2015)

Richard P. Mitchell, The Society of the Muslim Brotherhood (New York: Oxford UP, 1993)

R. Hrair Dekmejian, Islam in Revolution Fundamentalism in the Arab World (Syracuse: Syracuse UP, 1985)

John L. Esposito, Political Islam (Cairo: American University in Cairo Press, 1997)


Monitor Political Islam

Council on American Islamic Relations

Center for Security Policy

Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Nation of Islam (USA)

Monitor "Islamophobia"

Fear, Inc. Project (CAP)

Clarion Project/Aish HaTorah

Clarion Project


Hollywood/Big News Media

Neal Gabler, An Empire of Their Own (New York: Crown, 1988)

Monitor Hollywood/Big News Media

Breitbart Hollywood

Breitbart Big Journalism


Banking and Currency

Charles A Lindbergh, Banking and Currency and the Money Trust (reprint, Hawthorne, CA: Omni Publications, 1971) 

Irwin Unger, The Greenback Era. A Social and Political History of American Finance 1865-1879 (Princeton: Princeton UP, 1964)

Ellen Brown, The Web Of Debt (Baton Rouge: Third Millennium, 2012)

Eustace Mullins, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve (Staunton VA: BRI, 1983)


American System: Tariffs and Economic Prosperity

Henry Charles Carey

Henry Charles Carey,  The Harmony of Interests: Agricultural, Manufacturing, Commercial (Philadelphia: Skinner, 1851)

Friedrich List, Outlines of American Political Economy (Wiesbaden: Boettinger Verlag, 1996)

W. Allen Salisbury, The Civil War and the American System (Washington DC: EIR, 1992)

Edward Meade Earle, "Adam Smith, Alexander Hamilton, Friedrich List: The Economic Foundations of Military Power", Chapter 6 in Edward Meade Earle, Makers of Modern Strategy Military Thought from Machiavelli to Hitler (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1944)


Border Security: Illegal Aliens/Narcotics

Patrick J. Buchanan, State of Emergency the Third World Invasion and Conquest of America (New York: St. Martin's, 2006)

Sylvia Longmire, Cartel, The Coming Invasion of Mexico's Drug Wars (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011)

David C. Jordan, Drug Politics, Dirty Money and Democracies (Norman OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1999)


FAIR Federation for Immigration Reform