"Salus populi suprema lex est" Cicero, de Legibus

War Clouds

Will the US strike Syria yet again over falsified reports of Chemical Warfare?  The Trump administration has taken the alleged use of chemical weapons in the East Ghouta area as the basis of its position.  But the reports the White House uses are from two organizations:  The White Helmets and the Syrian American Medical Society.  The White Helmets are a known British government operation which the US Department of State finances with millions of dollars.  The SAMS which also operates only in terrorist held areas in Syria is suspected of being a Muslim Brotherhood operation and may have connections with US intelligence.

So the spectacle we have before us is the White House using propaganda generated by two notorious organizations as a basis of policy.  Of course, professionals in the US intelligence community know the score about these organizations and so does the State Department.  But, the president reacts as if he does not know that they are British and American support groups for the terrorist regime change war which is still US policy.

The president's mental picture of the situation is influenced by the newsmedia and the propaganda reports.  Naturally, his advisers support the propaganda because it is part of the geopolitical strategy against Russia-Iran-Syria.  Washington is in a state of hysteria fomented by the pro-Israel lobby which demands the US attack Syria.  Congress is delusional. 

War is possible now.  It may come sooner than later but the US is on a war track.


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