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Foreign Policy Profiles Ambitious Nikki Haley

So it is no secret Nikki Haley is ambitious.  The fully Neoconized Haley is said to eye the vice presidency or even presidency down the road.  Her pro-Israel backers couldn't be happier with her militant support of Israel at the UN.  Foreign Policy magazine just dropped a searching profile of Haley.  Says FP:

...."The first Republican Cabinet-level U.N. ambassador since the end of the Cold War, Haley has rejected the traditional chain of command that grants the secretary of state the primary policymaking role, and she has made it clear she will accept nothing less than to be Tillerson’s equal. Her voracious pursuit of the spotlight, meanwhile, has elevated her national profile and strengthened her prospects for higher political office should she decide, as many suspect she will, to pursue the American presidency....."

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