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Mayer on Brit Spy Dossier Story

The redoubtable Jane Mayer's latest piece at The New Yorker magazine presents her take on the notorious "Dossier" compiled by Christopher Steele, a British subject and "former" spy.  It is a useful overview worth reading and holding on to as the story develops.  It's not over. Congressional investigations may come up with more than people presently expect.  It is certainly curious that a "former" British spy as well as his mentor who was once the Brit ambassador to the US are at the center of the explosive scandal.  Critics of Big Government these days often refer to what they call with some reason the "Deep State".  The Brit Spy Dossier case adds an international dimension giving the appearance that somehow foreign intelligence agencies could have been involved.  Is their some secretive Anglo American old boy club in the Five Eyes up to some mischief?  Inquiring minds would like to know. 

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