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Global Times runs SP oped

GlobalTimes (Beijing) published oped by SP editor Clifford Kiracofe today. Writing on Trump's 2020 announcement he said,

...."Should Trump become politically swamped in scandal, for example, Pence and Romney could mount challenges in the Republican party nominating convention in 2020. Haley could be put forward as a vice presidential candidate. While there are some significant trade issues affecting US-China relations, the overall economic dimension of the relationship is a critical pillar of the  ties. Trump, during his campaign, indicated that while he wanted to address some US-China trade issues he also wanted to improve relations with major powers such as China and Russia.

A combination of Neoconservatives and Cold War hawks oppose the concept of a new type of major power relations. Unfortunately, Trump's lack of Washington insider political savvy allowed the Neoconservatives to penetrate his new administration. Combined with the present military junta of generals Jim Mattis, H.R. McMaster, and John F. Kelly a Cold War style national security policy is presently in place negatively affecting relations with China and North Korea.

In the 2020 election campaign, Trump will be able to claim that he has been tough on the issues of trade and national security. However, success in working diplomatically with China and Russia on the North Korean issue, for example, could also give his image a boost in front of voters for effective statesmanlike behavior and averting crisis. Trump is presently in a strong position for 2020 but there are always surprises in US politics."....


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