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Trump Says Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum

President Donald Trump promises bold action to save our steel and aluminum industries.  After decades of pandering to special interests pushing delusional "free trade" doctrine, finally a US president is taking a stand.  Political Washington is aghast and the US corporate media is hysterical.  So what?  This is the usual reaction of the Globalists under the thumb of Wall Street and international finance.  So yesterday.

American workers and the American people deserve a vibrant domestic industrial base.  We used to have one.  Of course the politicians and legacy media will not tell the American people about their own economic history.  Nor will the ivory tower intellectuals in academia.  The US was the third leading industrial power in the world by 1850 just behind the British and French Empires. Want to guess why these empires connived to get a Civil War going in the US?  Maybe to break our country up and weaken it?

By 1900, the US was the number one industrial power in the world. Economic power is the basis of national security and industrial America served us in two World Wars and in the Cold War. And our amazing agricultural sector was right there, too.  How did the US become the number one industrial power by 1900? Very simple, it was a result of our tariffs which defended our productive industrial base and workers.  

The legacy media has a hard time telling the truth and providing context.  Serious news analysis would examine the last five decades and explain to readers how the US electronics industry and the US specialty steel industry were smashed by economic warfare launched by Japan and others.  Washington was supine.

Now, finally, a US president  stands up to predatory foreign economic warfare.

For some background and context on our national  steel industry facing international challenges consult this 1977 study by the Federal Trade Commission.  It is 600 pages long and a serious read:


Senator Hollings Nailed the Tariff Issue in 2010

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