"Salus populi suprema lex est" Cicero, de Legibus

Washington's Syria Policy Raises Questions

President Donald Trump just said in public that he wants the US out of Syria and that the US will be leaving shortly. He indicated that he wanted other countries to handle the situation.  In referring to other countries he mentioned countries in the region.

Trump's remarks have generated much speculation.  It is possible that he does want the US out and that he will order all US forces to leave.  Presently, it is reported that there are some 2,000 US military in Syria.  The Syrian government has not invited the US in so any US presence on Syrian soil or in Syrian airspace is illegal under international law.

One explanation for Trump's remarks is that his advisors are developing a plan in which various Western backed terrorist groups operating in eastern Syria would be placed under a unified command and retrained.  At the same time, a Western backed political party called the "Syria Future Party" has just been created in eastern Syria.   This combination of moves could then be supported by the Saudis and Gulf States financially as a continuing regime change and destabilization operation against the government in Damascus.

The net effect, of course, is to continue the de facto partition of Syria and to maintain control over the oil rich eastern Syria area.

With the arrival of Bolton and Pompeo on the Trump team, such a game plan may well be in place.  But such a game plan would be resisted by the government of Syria and Syria's allies Russia and Iran would assist the Assad government to rebuff the plan.


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