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Anti-Russia Campaign Links To Syria Battlefields

The newest phase of the Western campaign against Russia is linked to developments in the Middle East as well as in Ukraine.  The regime change operation by the West in Ukraine was a success of sorts.  But Russia's intervention in September 2015 to support Syria against the Western regime change war has been decisive.

It is no wonder then that the Western alliance has stepped up its information warfare/propaganda campaign against Russia.  The government of Syria is making steady progress against various Western backed and Saudi-Qatari-Turkish backed terrorist organizations operating against Syria on Syrian soil.

The Skripal incident occurred at a juncture in Syria in which the Syrian army with Russian assistance was making good progress liberating an area near Damascus called East Ghouta from the terrorists.  The wave of anti-Russia propaganda is intended to blunt Syrian gains and Russian credit for clearing East Ghouta of terrorists.  The remaining pocket of Saudi backed terrorists in Douma remains an open question.  Either they surrender or there will be further clearing action by the Syrian government.

For an excellent analysis of the situation see a piece on 21st Century Wire.

"Today, Ghouta and tomorrow Daraa…

This is not about Syria nor about the war on its soil : it is all about an open war between the axis led by United States of America, Europe and their allies in the Middle East against the axis led by Russia and its allies. It’s a war about control, influence and dominance in the Middle East and the rest of the world.

It is natural for the US to resist the loss of its unilateral dominant status that has held since the collapse of the Soviet Union, from 1991 until 2015. September 2015 is the date when Moscow decided to send its air force, navy and some ground special forces to the Levant to announce its presence to the world there and give birth to its superpower capability after decades of absence.

It is therefore natural that the US defends its world unilateralism and tries to block the awakening of the Russian genie by mobilising all its energies and those of its western and arab allies to push back against the (successful) attempts by Russia to prove its diplomatic skills and military power through the window of the Levant.

So it is indeed natural that the US should try to hit the weakest link (Tehran) in the Russian-Chinese-Iranian alliance by attempting to thwart the nuclear agreement signed by the United Nations and the five permanent members of the Security Council plus one (Germany).

All this is caused by the successful (in Russia’s view) outcome of the war in Syria, in which the US failed in its attempt to redraw the map of the Middle East, divide Iraq and Syria, hit Hezbollah in Lebanon and extract parts of northern Syria for itself and Turkey, and the southern region for Israel....."

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