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White Helmets Org Exposed in 2016

The White Helmets organization which is active in Syria was exposed as a British information warfare and terrorist support operation in 2016.  Western media uses the White Helmets as a primary source for stories about Syria and the war there.  The war, of course, is a regime change war launched by the US and its allies such as UK and France. 

Alternative media have reported on the White Helmets and exposed their operations.  These include a foundation established in the Netherlands which launders millions of dollars of funds for the White Helmet organization.

21st Century Wire, an alternative news outlet, in 2016 released an exclusive expose by the well known British investigative journalist, and expert in Middle Eastern affairs.  The expose was predictably attacked by the UK Guardian newspaper which acts as a conveyor belt for UK war propaganda in the regime change war.


...."White Helmets founder Le Mesurier, who graduated from Britain’s elite Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, is said to be an ‘ex’ British military intelligence officer involved in a number of other NATO ‘humanitarian intervention’ theatres of war, including Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq, as well as postings in Lebanon and Palestine. He also boasts a series of high-profile posts at the UN, EU, and UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Not to mention his connections back to the infamous Blackwater (Academi)....."


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