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Profile: Nikki Haley Advisor, Jon Lerner

Nikki Haley is a creature of US neoconservative advisers.  Jon Lerner has been adviser in chief.   The Forward has an excellent profile:

"He holds a senior position in the Trump administration and has made a name for himself as one of the most successful political consultants, yet Jon Lerner, manages to steer clear from the spotlight. Currently serving as America’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, under Nikki Haley, Lerner, 49, was recently described in a New York Magazine article as “the No. 1 person [Haley] listens to,” and with speculations that Haley’s political ambition could lead her all the way to the White House, Lerner is the man to follow....."

Read more: https://forward.com/news/national/389760/5-things-to-know-about-nikki-haleys-jewish-right-hand-man-jon-lerner/

Profile: Nikki Haley Deputy and UN

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