"Salus populi suprema lex est" Cicero, de Legibus

ME War Coming?

Propaganda war against Russia, attack on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in UK, possible US Iran Deal pullout.....is war coming in the Middle East?

Considering how volatile the region is today, and the past record of frequent wars, such an outcome in the near term is not unlikely.  Not a few regional observers have a suspicion that war is coming.  More war than is currently going on which is extensive.

Experts offer a number of potential scenarios for war breaking out.  An Israeli attack on Hisbollah in Lebanon is one possibility.  This could include attacking Syria as well.  The US would inevitably be drawn in to back up Israel and thus the war could expand regionally should Iran and Russia respond.

Phil Giraldi, a former CIA officer and expert on the Middle East, paints a dark picture:

"With the appointment of leading neoconservative John Bolton as National Security Advisor, the Zionist war-party takeover of the White House is nearly complete. With Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State, Nikki Haley at the U.N. and now Bolton whispering in the President’s ear, we have a fully endowed war cabinet that will make sure the Mullahs, Russkies and Rocket Man begin to pay attention. As Haley laid down the law in the United Nations last week, “Our patience is not unlimited.”

Bolton, the point man for Israeli-American casino billionaire and GOP kingmaker Sheldon Adelson, will be the spark plug that ignites a new round of warfare on behalf of Israel. Bolton has long been planning to attack Iran. He secretly and illegally met with Israel’s Mossad intelligence service in 2003-4 when he was in the State Department under George W. Bush to lay the groundwork for such a conflict. Today, right-wing Israelis are certainly cheering his appointment. Naftali Bennett, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security cabinet, has already praised the move, calling Bolton "an extraordinary security expert, experienced diplomat and a stalwart friend of Israel".

War is likely to start in the Middle East as Iran, Lebanon and Syria are relatively soft targets with only limited capability to strike back. As neocon pundit Michael Ledeen put it, “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.” There have been numerous indications that Israel is preparing for war. Its planning clearly includes deliberately involving the United States in the conflict, making turning American soldiers into de facto hostages, with U.S. casualties guaranteeing Washington’s direct and immediate involvement in the fighting.

Largely unknown to the American public, the United States has just completed the largest ever joint military exercises with Israel even though it has no defense agreement or treaty with Tel Aviv. That is, in part, because military alliances are dependent on an attack on one partner mandating support from all parties to the agreement. Israel has balked at such an arrangement because it cannot define its own borders, which are constantly expanding....."


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