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Despite Trump Promise Syrian Christians Receive no Aid

Although President Donald Trump has promised aid to Syrian Christians, reportedly nothing had arrived as of the first week of February.  ISIS and a range of terrorist groups supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey have been terrorizing Syrian Christians for years.  Although Trump has personally commented on the plight of Christians in Syria and in the Middle East his regime change policy in Syria apparently has run opposite his concerns.  Today, in an infrastructure speech, Trump said the US will pull out of Syria shortly.  This is certainly welcome news for Syrians fighting the terrorists and also for Americans who oppose foreign interventionism.

In Damascus, the Roman Catholic Church reports that so far no aid has come from the US despite Trump's concern and despite Vice President Mike Pence's reassurances in October 2017.

"ROME - A Franciscan priest and native Syrian currently serving in Aleppo said on Wednesday that while Christians in that tortured country are glad for offers of help from wherever they come, they have yet to see the effects of promised new aid from the U.S. government under President Donald Trump, and that in general he’s skeptical about Trump’s approach to Syria.....

Last October, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence announced not only an increasing in funding for humanitarian aid to ISIS victims, but also that those funds would be allocated directly to local churches, bypassing what he called “ineffective” U.N.-administered programs.

Lutfi, however, said that local Christians have yet to see concrete results from those pledges.

“No new gestures of solidarity [from the U.S. government] are yet visible,” he said.

If the United States is to step up its charitable role, Lutfi said, it’s key that funding go “to institutions that are genuinely neutral, which aren’t parties to the conflict.”

As for Russia, Lutfi was more laudatory: “Without the intervention by the Russians in Aleppo,” he said, “we wouldn’t have peace now.”....

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