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Best Book on Anti Semitism by a Jewish Author

Bernard Lazare wrote a classic study of anti-Semitism back in the late 19th century. Given the current frenzy in the UK about the Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbin, it is worth an impartial read:

 "Anti-Semitism, It's History and Causes By Bernard Lazare:

Bernard Lazare (15 June 1865 - September 1903) was a Jewish French literary critic, scholar, political journalist, anarchist, Zionist and polemicist. 

As a Jewish intellectual, Bernard Lazare, in his book 'Anti-Semitism, its Causes and History', makes the rare attempt, to analyze and evaluate racism and hatred directed against Jews, from an impartial, and neutral world lens. Like a true, and uncommon scholar, Bernard Lazare emotionally separates himself as a Jew, from this highly contentious, emotional, and dogmatic topic known as Anti-Semitism. Bernard Lazare in the search for truth, and attempting with an unbiased approach to study, understand and explain some of the real and actual causes of anti-Semitism, not the reactionary and emotional reasons, often underlying the causes of anti-Semitism, and anti-Judaism throughout the centuries. As a result of this impartial inquiry, Bernard Lazare comes to some controversial conclusions, which cause discomfort for the organized Jewish community and Jewish activists, contradicting the widely perpetuated stereotype of Jews as eternally persecuted and guiltless victims. 

The predominant Jewish position and view within the historical body of Jewish authored literature, is that anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic behavior stems primarily from an inexplicable blind hatred, primitive xenophobia and irrational malicious behavior from non-Jews, whereas Bernard Lazare attempts to approach the subject with a more balanced, and unbiased historiography, one that is almost entirely non-existent or rare amongst Jews, which is that Jewish people individually and collectively may be partially to blame for the anti-Semitism and racism directed against them historically. 

As a result of Bernard's conclusions, many non-Jews consider him to be a rare Jew, willing to tell it like it is, because he is opening up a taboo and dogmatic subject, to debate and dialogue, whereas many Jews have dismissed him an Anti-Semite self-hating Jew, going against the grain of Jewish authors. 

On the other end of the extreme, completely opposite from the predominant Jewish position that anti-Semitism is rooted in blind irrational hatred and baseless selfishness of non-Jews, Some have misused the book, 'Anti-Semitism its Causes and History By Bernard Lazare' as a tool of proof and evidence, to make the claim, and take the position, that Jews, despite their generally high intelligence and positive contributions they have made to society throughout the ages, are ultimately more dangerous and treacherous than they are worth. Moreover, anti-Semites perceive Jews as a self-aware parasitic or virus-like people, maniacally egotistical, neurotic, dysfunctional, self-deceiving, myopic, close minded and abnormally narcissistic, that have always and will always, be a great misfortune, to the nations and world societies they inhabit outside of Israel. Lastly, that Jews are unable to self-reflect and self-evaluate their own parasitically destructive behavior and evaluate how their dysfunctional behavior, negatively affects and impacts non-Jewish people of the world. Many people believe that Jewish behavior is actually the only real source, cause, reason and instigation of anti-Semitism historically - an unfair position in its black and white judgment. 

'Anti-Semitism, its History and Causes', takes the more balanced and fair position of these two extremes and is well worth the read and study.

This rare and insightful book is excellent reading, download the PDF and decide for yourself. 
Anti-Semitism, It's History and Causes By Bernard Lazare."....

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