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With Bolton Changes at NSC

Uber-hawk John Bolton starts his new job at the NSC on April 9.  Speculation on the changes he will make there has already begun. The NSC staff itself was bloated during the Obama administration as a result of Obama's obsession with micromanaging from the White House.  Over 400 staffers were engaged in the micromanaging while cabinet secretaries were bypassed.  

As a result of the mess at NSC, there were thoughtful voices raised calling for reform.  Cutting the staff to around 150-200 was a consensus of those in DC who understood the problems.  The short-lived Flynn turn at NSC accomplished little.  The McMaster turn has also accomplished little in terms of reorganization and streamlining.  In fact, McMaster kept on many of the Obama appolintees thus adding to the confusion in Trump policy making.  

McMaster channeled the Establishment foreign policy line which is not the line that Trump campaigned on.  Trump promised a non-interventionist foreign policy and cutting back foreign interventions.  The opposite has occurred.

Bolton is a fully Neoconized hawk.  His foreign policy profile in that of the Neocons: pro-Israel, anti-Russia, anti-China, anti-Syria, anti_Iran.  Bolton's office in DC is located at the American Enterprise Institute which is a key center for the Neocons.  

Bolton is completely irresponsible in his wild rhetoric and policy concepts.  He does not believe in international law.  He has called for "preventive" war which itself is illegal under international law.  This is what the Nuremberg Trials were about.  He has called for such war against North Korea and Iran.  He was personally on of the main officials in the Little Bush administration pushing for the Iraq War.

Trump has surrounded himself with a fully Neoconized team: Bolton, Pompeo, and Niki Haley. Because this is 180 degrees opposite his campaign promises, former supporters are distancing themselves.  Ann Coulter, a conservative pundit, just Tweeted that he is setting himself up for impeachment because the House may go Democrat in the upcoming elections. 

The Hill carries an interesting report on Bolton and the White House:

...."The National Security Council is now bracing for a shake-up under Bolton’s leadership. There is hope among Trump's allies that Bolton will put an end to the damaging leaks from the National Security Council and rid the council of Obama-era holdovers — or anyone viewed as insufficiently loyal to the president.

Sources close to the council say spokesman Michael Anton and deputy national security adviser Nadia Schadlow could be among those on the way out. 

One of Bolton’s top advisers, Richard Grenell, will not be joining Bolton in the White House. Trump has tapped Grenell to be ambassador to Germany, although Grenell is still waiting on his Senate confirmation. 

But Bolton has other advisers who could be in line for key posts, including Sarah Tinsley, a longtime ally who is currently at Bolton’s super PAC, and Fred Fleitz, a former CIA analyst....."


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