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Uber-hawk Bolton Profiled by VOX

VOX has a useful profile on the Uber-hawk John Bolton just appointed National Security Advisor by President Donald Trump.  Bolton is a long time Neoconservative ally.  His office is at the Amereican Enterprise Institute which is a key Neocon center.  Anti-Russia, Anti-China, Anti-Iran, Bolton takes on all the standard Neocon themes.

"President Donald Trump finally jettisoned National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster on Thursday afternoon. His replacement is John Bolton, the former ambassador to the United Nations in the Bush administration — and one of the most radically hawkish voices in American foreign policy.

Bolton has said the United States should declare war on both North Korea and Iran. He was credibly accused of manipulating US intelligence on weapons of mass destruction prior to the Iraq war and of abusive treatment of his subordinates. He once “joked” aboutknocking 10 stories off the UN building in New York. That means his new appointment to be the most important national security official in the White House has significant — and frightening — implications for Trump’s approach to the world....."

With Bolton Changes at NSC

Bolton used Cambridge Analytica