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SLC parent of Cambridge Analytica

Quite a discussion at the Craig Murray blog anent Cambridge Analytica and its parent company SCL.  SCL is the acronym for Strategic Communications Laboratories based in the UK.  Cambridge Analytica is the flea on the SCL elephant.  SCL is a global firm with a star studded Board of Directors which has included even British royalty, high ranking military, intell, and the like.  It is a Big Data firm specializing in information warfare, data mining and the like.

Here is a post from Craig Murray's blog listing known board members as of 2005:

"re: SCL Forgive me if I am repeating what has already been posted. If a search is conducted on ‘Strategic Communications Laboratories’ instead of ‘SCL’, different results come up – so despite ‘Strategic Communications Laboratories’ being one and the same as SCL, different results do seem to emerge depending on the explicit search criteria used (on google chrome):-


This link suggests that SCL goes back to at least 1993.

What is also interesting is that a whole host of names are listed on the above link, like so:-

Board of Directors
circa 2012
The Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Pattie was listed as president of SCL Group [24] in September 2012. Companies House records show that he was a director of SCL Group between November 2005 and 1 December 2008. [25]
Nigel Oakes Chief Executive Officer
Alex Oakes Director
Alexander Nix Director
Roger Gabb Director
Julian Wheatland Director and Chairman [24]
Rear Admiral John G Tolhurst CB FRAeS Advisory Board
The Rt. Hon. Sir James Mitchell Advisory Board
John Bottomley FCIS Company Secretary
Ian Tunnicliffe Director of Information Operations: ‘SCL’s information director is colonel Ian Tunnicliffe, a former strategic communications expert at Britain’s Defense ministry, who also served with the Office of Strategic Communications run by the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Baghdad.'[26]
Dr Andrew Stewart Advisory Board
Lord Birdwood Advisory Board
Lord Ivar Mountbatten Advisory Board
Professor Phil Taylor BA PhD – Behavioural Dynamics Institute Advisory Board
Gavin McNicoll Advisory Board [27] [28]
David Michaels, Senior Adviser, Advisory Board [29]
Former Directors
Peter Varnish was listed as a member of the Advisory board in December 2005.[30]
Known staff
Mark Broughton, public affairs director (in 2005) [31]
Alexis Everington, Marketing Manager.[32]
Scherzando Karasu, Director of Political Affairs (as of January 2010)
Circa 2006
Several of the company directors hold shares in the company and there are a number of non-executive shareholders. In early 2006 it was reported that the Iranian born London property tycoon Vincent Tchenguiz had acquired 23 per cent of Strategic Communications Laboratories,[33] and in May that year the investment company Viatrade PLC bought a small stake. Conservative Party treasurer and venture capitalist Jonathan Marland also holds shares, as does his company Herriot Ltd.

The company’s latest Annual Returns[34] (made up to 20 July 2006) list the following shareholders. They are arranged in descending order according to their share allocation.

Name: Consensus Business Group, 18 Upper Grosvenor Street, London W1K 7PW :Shares held: 22,533
Name: Nigel Oakes :Shares held: 14,849
Name: Roger Gabb :Shares held: 11,266
Name: R M Gabb, M A Gabb and M J Thompson as Trustees of the Glendower Settlement :Shares held: 11,266
Name: Share Nominees Ltd on behalf of the Fund :Shares held: 9,013
Name: Alexander Waddinton Oakes :Shares held: 7,429
Name: CMTC Nominees BV (registered to an address in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles) :Shares held: 6,253
Name: Paul David Ashburner Nix:Shares held: 5,633
Name: Alexander James Ashburner Nix :Shares held: 5,249
Name: Jonathan Peter Marland :Shares held: 563
Name: Viatrade PLC :Shares held: 507
Name: Herriot Ltd :Shares held: 338
Name: S Marland & P Addington as Trustees of J P Marland’s child. :Shares held: 225
Name: Harry Rollo Gabb Shares held: 10



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