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Bolton used Cambridge Analytica

Bearing in mind that Cambridge Analytica is a British firm, it has been hired to influence US elections.  John Bolton used CA back in 2015 to advance his political agenda.  Bloomberg profiled CA:

...."The next day, I met with two of the employees Nix identified as the firm’s “message people” to understand what that communication might look like. Tim Glister is a former copywriter and one-time literary agent from Newcastle; Harris MacLeod a Nova Scotian who worked as a political journalist in Ottawa. Both spent much of 2014 working for Cambridge Analytica’s marquee American clients. Harris worked for John Bolton’s super-PAC, which was attempting to bring more attention to national-security issues in three select Senate races ahead of a prospective presidential campaign by the hawkish former UN ambassador. Glister was dispatched to North Carolina, where he was tasked with helping the state Republican party on behalf of Thom Tillis’s ultimately successful campaign to defeat Senator Kay Hagan. “I was English enough to be an entertaining curiosity,” he said."....


Uber-hawk Bolton Profiled by VOX

SLC parent of Cambridge Analytica