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Vanity Fair Examines Kushner in Mexico

Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son in law, is deep into US-Mexico policy behind the backs of normal US government channels.  Vanity Fair ran a story on the peripatetic Kushner and his forays into Mexico,

...." is no surprise, then, that Kushner’s Wednesday goodwill trip to Mexico appears to have been even less well received than usual. “He is very weakened, and he is going to get weaker,” Agustín Basave,a senior lawmaker in the Party of the Democratic Revolution, told Reuters. “More than anything, what he comes to say here will be contradicted by Trump the next day.” A senior U.S. official explained that the trip was meant to smooth tensions between the two countries after a dyspeptic Trump-Peña Nieto phone call had derailed yet another planned summit. But while Kushner apparently had a good meeting with Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray, with whom he has a good relationship, the First Son-in-Law’s presence rankled other Mexican officials. As The New York Times reports, the trip was announced with only one day’s warning, and without any public disclosure about what would be discussed. One senior diplomat told Reuters that officials were “taken by surprise by the visit and frustrated they were not informed.”....


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