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Kushner's Secretive Meetings with Saudi Leader

Jared Kushner, Presidernt Trump's son in law, reportedly is causing concern in US intelligence and diplomatic officials for his secretive dealings with the Saudi Arabian King.   Press reports say his is end running the normal official channels to free lance on his own.  President Trump himself publicly tapped Kushner to be his point man on some key foreign policy issues such as China, Mexico, and the Middle East peace process.  Breitbart news, which is pro-Trump reports.

...."Last October, intelligence officials were reportedly caught off guard when Kushner “flew on a secretive trip to Riyadh for private meetings with the crown prince.” According to thePost, even “most people in the White House were kept out of the loop about the trip and its purpose,” and the administration later reportedly “said the purpose of Kushner’s trip was to discuss a Middle East peace plan, but declined to say with whom he met.” Though Kushner later said he met with bin Salman to “brainstorm” various strategies, intelligence officials were reportedly nevertheless “troubled by a lack of information about the topics discussed” between the two. Just days after Kushner’s visit, bin Salman put many of his political rivals and prominent business executives under house arrest at the Ritz....."

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