"Salus populi suprema lex est" Cicero, de Legibus

Former Brit Ambassador slams Russia Poison Conspiracy theory

Formeer British ambassador, Craig Murray, has raised searching questions about the British governments current propaganda campaign against Russia.  He says

"I cannot in fact conceive of a more outlandish conspiracy theory than that the Russian government secretly manufactured and stockpiled novichoks, hidden from the OPCW, and secretly trained assassins, only to blow the whole operation on a retired spy they let out of jail ages ago. Yet nobody calls Boris Johnson a “conspiracy theorist” for positing that.

Americans should be following this assassinateion scandal closely.  Why?  It has been reported that the traget of the assassination attempt, one Colonel Skripal, a double agent Russian spy worked for  Christopher Steele.  Steele fabricated the The Pee Dossier used against Donald Trump during the election process and now against President Trump.  Inquiring minds can ask whether Skripal was whacked in order to prevent his talking about the Pee Dossier.  Craig Muray is in the thick of the scandal in the UK and fearlessly is campaigning for the Truth.

For more analysis and comment see his blog.

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