"Salus populi suprema lex est" Cicero, de Legibus

McMaster Laid Out Hawkish Line in London Jan 2017

For those new to the ins and outs of US foreign policy and the US foreign policy Establishment the paranoid style of Beltway hawks can confuse.  So, Donald Trump in the campaign said he would have better relations with Russia and China.  This is contrary to the Establishment line that Russia and China are "revisionist powers" who want to change the international system dominated by Wall Street backed by US military power.  Today, the Trump foreign policy line is the Establishment hawk and Neocon line.

For a primer on hawkish paranoia here is an instructive video below of Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster speaking before the London-based rightwing think tank Policy Exchange.    Notice his speech is given on 25 January, 2017.  He was appointed National Security Advisor on 20 February.  His speech lays out the general worldview of the Establishment.  The worldview has been incorporated into official White House and Pentagon policy reports.  McMaster while a hawk is not a full blown Neoconized hawk.  He is more along the lines of a Cold War military industrial complex hawk. Neocons don't like him despite his anti-Iran stance because he is not a hardline supporter of Israel.


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