"Salus populi suprema lex est" Cicero, de Legibus

Bolton Lurking

Will President Donald Trump tap uber-hawk John Bolton as the next National Security Advisor? The possibility has been floating in the press for months.  Bolton is thoroughly Neoconized and exhibits a decidedly paranoid style when it comes to foreign policy.  Anti-Iran, anti-North Korea, anti-Russia, anti-China his record is an open book.  Daniel Larison nails it in a piece in the American Conservative.  Surely there will be more to come from many pens,

" ....Bolton is more than willing to work for Trump, he and Trump seem to share the same hard-line worldview, and the president seems even more eager than usual to surround himself with flatterers and enablers. He is getting rid of the people that have opposed him on some issues and replacing them with yes-men, and picking Bolton would be consistent with that. Even if Bolton isn’t the next National Security Advisor, the fact that Trump keeps seriously considering him for important positions in the administration is further proof of the president’s appallingly bad judgment.

The biggest problem with Bolton isn’t just that he always prefers aggressive policies and endorses preventive war all the time. That ought to be enough to disqualify him, but unfortunately in this administration they are probably the reasons why he is being considered. The real danger is that he is such an ideologue that he would keep information from the president that contradicts his views and prevent Trump from getting the best available advice. Trump is poorly informed to begin with, and having Bolton as his main adviser on matters of national security and foreign policy would make sure that he stays that way....."

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