"Salus populi suprema lex est" Cicero, de Legibus

War Clouds? WWI Reminder

Are the US and its allies headed to war?  Somehow, the atmosphere in Washington is eerily similar to that in 2002-2003 when the Iraq War was forced on the American people.  So, today a war against Iran? But some observers are even more concerned because they see similarities to World War I. These observers fear a war between the US and its allies against Russia. It could be triggered in the Middle East by Israeli aggression against Lebanon and/or Syria and/or Iran.  This would drag the US into the conflict.  Russia would be forced to reply.

In the run up to World War 1, hawks in Germany and hawks in Britain dominated the policy debates which then inevitably led to confrontation and war.  Voices of the moderates were ignored.  Sound familiar?  What about Trump's firing the moderate Tillerson and replacing him with the hawk Pompeo?  Will the Neoconized hawk Bolton become the National Security Advisor or someone like him? 

Are the Neocons and US hawks the new Pan-Germans who want to spread the US empire across the globe in the name of Democracy.  The old Pan-Germans aimed at spreading the German Empire around the globe and confronting France, the UK, and Russia.  As for the Bolsheviks, Trotsky wanted a continuing global revolution and so on. The British had a delusional concept of Cecil Rhodes and a global Anglo-Saxon empire.  Woodrow Wilson had the delusional concept of making the world safe for Democracy.

The Neocons want the US to confront Russia, China, and Iran and to spread "democracy" by regime change and by force.  The Neocons channel the Pan-Germans, Trotsky, and Woodrow Wilson to name a few although we should not forget their hero the fascist Vladimir Jabotinsky

Is Trump getting progressively Neoconized with the likes of Bolton and Pompeo and others?

Trump being devoid of any practical political or foreign policy experience, is an easy mark.  No too difficult for clever advisors to "play" him.......and he is not the only US president who has been played by advisors.  We can recall Edward Mandell House and President Woodrow Wilson as an example.


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