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Mondoweiss Slams Neoconized Pompeo

Philip Weiss in his Mondoweiss blog slams Neoconized Pompeo.  Excellent read and excellent blog,

...."Pompeo is a longtime friend of the neoconservatives, while Tillerson is a realist. The nomination is a victory for those who want to destroy the Iran deal; some say the move will kill the deal. Tillerson was for it, Pompeo is against it, and had sought military intervention in Iran instead of a deal.

So all those who said Trump would have a non-interventionist or isolationist foreign policy are proven wrong by events. Steve Bannon, the big America Firster, is gone, and neoconservatives are in the driver’s seat.

Robin Wright at the New Yorker quotes a proponent of the Iran deal suggesting that Trump is getting paid to break up the deal.

“Trump is methodically destroying the moderate camp in his Administration and moving steadily crazy-hard right,” Joseph Cirincione, the president of Ploughshares Fund, an N.G.O. dedicated to containing the spread of nuclear weapons, told me. “Today’s firing and the crude, insulting way that he did it weakens the traditional conservative camp, the State Department, and American credibility. It’s almost as if someone is paying Trump to do it.”

Not that The New Yorker will ever look into the ways that the Israel lobby corrupts both parties. (No, let’s have another piece about the Koch brothers and all their “dark money.”) But Trump’s two highest donors are fervent supporters of Israel, the only country in the world that is trying to smash the deal."....

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