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South Korea High Level Talks with North

South Korea aims at high level talks with North Korea in the near term.  While this is positive the US military industrial complex is already working to undermine the process.  Remarks by Admiral Harris, who headed the Pacific Command but is slated to be Trump's ambassador to Australia, poured cold water on the South Korean initiative.  The military industrial complex wants continued if not escalating tensions in the Asia Pacifgic to justify its aggressive and provocative mission there.  As tensions rise, weapons manufacturers in the US see opportunities to harvest billions in weapons deals. Reuters reports on developments,

"....If North Korea agrees to the talks, they would be the first North-South contact since a South Korean delegation returned from a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un this month and a chance for North Korea to break its silence on promised engagements with the South and the United States.

The talks about talks come after the head of the U.S. Pacific Command said the United States could not be overly optimistic about the outcome of any summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and Kim, aimed at ending the North’s nuclear and missile programs, and must go into it with “eyes wide open”.....

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