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Senator Rand Paul Opposes Pompeo

US Senator Rand Paul said he opposes the appointment of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. Paul pointed to Pompeo's hawkish record which included supporting the Iraq War.  President Donald Trump in the campaign said the Iraq War was a major mistake.  But he said this week that he an Pompeo think alike on international issues.  Pompeo is known as a fervid supporter of Israel and obsessive against Iran. People who know him say he is something of an "arrogant thug." Athough he attended West Point, he became a lawyer rather than a professional soldier. No doubt his Senate confirmation process will be stormy.  Reuters carried the story today,

"....Paul added he would “do everything I can” to block them. He was the first of Trump’s fellow Republicans to come out against the nominations, which the president announced on Tuesday. Paul was the only Republican who voted last year against Pompeo’s nomination to head the CIA.

He said Pompeo and Haspel both supported war in Iraq and want war in Iran, which he opposes, and he criticized both for supporting the use of waterboarding and other so-called enhanced interrogation techniques widely considered torture....."

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