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SP Editor Oped on Koreas Published

SP Editor, Clifford Kiracofe, wrote a piece for China-US Focus on the Korea Issue.  It was bublished today.

...."Challenges to denuclearization in North Korea include the concept itself, as well as the prevailing Cold War mentality among U.S. foreign policy elites. So what is wrong with the concept?  Defining the issue narrowly as simply denuclearization avoids the broader issue of a necessary comprehensive settlement. Denuclearization is only one component of such a settlement. A comprehensive settlement would focus on the broader issue of regional peace and development. This regional context includes several factors in addition to denuclearization that must be addressed.

What about formal peace treaties to end the Korean War?  There are no such peace treaties between North Korea and South Korea or between the U.S. and North Korea. The diplomatic situation remains frozen in time, although the current tentative initiatives of the Koreas may begin to melt that...."

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