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Saudis Hire Lobbyists to Thwart US National Security Oversight

Saudi Arabia hired Akin Gump to help the Saudi sovereign wealth fund penetrate further into the United States.  Foreign investments in the US are subject to national security review.  The Saudis who have spread money around DC for decades want to weaken US oversight.  It will be remembered that the Saudis were in many ways behind the 911 attack on Twin Towers.  Further, the Saudis have been major funders of radical Islam based on their fundamentalist Wahhabi religious ideology.  Such funding reportedly has extended to organizations and groups suspected of international terrorism.  The Hill reports,

 "One of K Street’s top firms has been tapped to represent Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.

The Public Investment Fund, run by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, hired Akin Gump in a deal worth up to $535,000. The firm will help the fund work with U.S. government officials as it looks to increase its U.S. investment. 

The effort appears to be focused on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a body comprised of representatives from 16 federal agencies that reviews deals with U.S. companies where a foreign owner could gain a majority stake.  

The panel is tasked with protecting national security and has the power to push for changes to a deal or ask that the White House block a transaction....."

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