Salus Populi is an American political and cultural blog.  Our primary focus is the exploration of politics and culture in the United States.  We are concerned about the ever changing international situation with which our Republic, as all members of the international community, must contend.  We respect diversity and pluralism.  We reject imperialism and hegemony.  We hope for a world of peace and development.  We strive to defend our Constitution. We are dedicated to Civic Education. 

Our Editor:  Clifford A. Kiracofe, Ph.D.


About our Resource sections: 

    Our United States are caught up in the general phenomenon of the decay and disintegration of Western Civilization.  In the not too distant past, Oswald Spengler and Arnold J. Toynbee identified and examined this condition.   Given the degenerate state of education and culture in the United States, increasingly numbers of families and individuals are rightly and understandably choosing home schooling and self-education.  To aid this endeavor, we at Salus Populi present books and information sources on a selective basis. Our bibliography is expanded regularly so please check back to see the new additions. Our goal is to provide useful and relevant suggestions for students and for the self-educating general reader.

We believe historical context aids critical thinking about significant contemporary issues and policies and also supports engaged and active citizenship. For this reason, you will find our Resources sections on World History and on Anglo-American History.  We all must view our Nation's history in the context of the history of the world.  We are not an island.  We are exceptional understood as unique.  We all must understand our Nation's politics in the context of the history, culture, and politics of England as we were English Colonies.  Thus, we have included selected books on English history.  Without Queen Elizabeth I, and some leading spirits of her era, we would not be here in North America today.   Without the British Parliamentary history and tradition we would not have one key antecedent of our own Constitution and political tradition.




Declaration of Independence


A Brief History

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This blog emerged from lunch discussions a block from the White House in Washington DC.  A group of friends met regularly to discuss politics and culture.   A new Administration was in power.  

Two candidates, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders,  had made campaign promises to change politics as usual dominated by the Establishment and special interests. Sanders and the progressive wing of the Democratic Party were pushed aside by Wall Street backed Hilary Clinton.  Trump, however, pushed aside the Wall Street candidates to win the Republican nomination and then went on to victory on the basis of his populist and nationalist campaign promises. Sanders' powerful showing on the left and Trump's decisive victory underscored deep unrest in the American polity and scorn for the Establishment. The elitist mainstream media, ever in Wall Street's pocket, appeared oblivious to popular opinion. Vast amounts of dark money from the donor class since 2010 had poured into campaign finance altering and reducing the traditional role of the political parties themselves.  Revelations about the Deep State attempting to manipulate politics and policy from behind the scenes emerged.

The political and ideological confusion in American politics was evident.  Wall Street dominated the majority factions of both parties.  Both parties were deeply penetrated by alien ideologies such as political Zionism.  Almost entirely unnoticed was the penetration of political Islam.  Where was the Democratic Party of Franklin Roosevelt?  Where was the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln?

What would be the fate of the Republic under Trump?  Had the Republic through the power of money entered into a phase of plutocracy? Would the poor continue to get poorer and the middle class continue to get crushed?  Would unnecessary wars and foreign interventions continue with the militarization of an imperial and hegemonic foreign policy? Would America continue as an unsustainable garrison state?

There was a lot to discuss at these lunches which, in fact, continue.  At our lunch in September 2018, we discussed the border security crisis and disintegrating situation in Mexico and Central America. Trump’s Wall promise is unfulfilled. Trump said he wanted out of Syria but US is still in and increasing its presence north and east of Euphrates. Trump said he wanted out of Iraq but US presence increases and US meddling in Iraqi politics is unceasing. Trump said he wanted out of Afghanistan but US troop presence increasing. Trump said he wanted better relations with Russia but relations have never been worse. Trump said he wanted better relations with China but instead US has a trade war and sharply deteriorating relations. Trump said he wanted peace on the Korean peninsula but the US intensive meddling seeks to block cooperation between North and South.

Clearly, Trump has not effectively taken control over the Executive Branch to implement his stated policy goals. The Establishment and its Deep State rolls right along. Some believe war and even financial crisis are looming.

This blog, a work in progress, extends our discussions in a virtual way.  We hope that it will be thought provoking and educational for you.